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Lori Lansens was a successful screenwriter before she burst onto the literary scene in 2002 with her first novel Rush Home Road. Translated into eight languages and published in eleven countries, Rush Home Road received rave reviews around the world. Her follow-up novel, The Girls, was an international success, as well. Rights were sold in 13 territories and it was featured as a book-club pick by Richard & Judy in the UK, selling 300,000 copies. Born and raised in Chatham, Ontario, Lori Lansens now makes her home in Los Angeles with her husband and two children.
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Lori Lansens is featured in a new audio interview with Little, Brown book club.

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A window into Baldoon County

Each of my three novels are set in full, or in part, in the fictitious landscape of Baldoon County, inspired by the region of Chatham-Kent where I was born and raised. My uncle, Dennis Loyer, took these shots for me, capturing representations of Addy Shadd’s first home in Rush Home Road, the dilapidated farm house where Rose and Ruby Darlen lived, and the small rural home of Mary Gooch from The Wife’s Tale, among other images that will feel familiar to readers.

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“I love to peruse book lovers’ blogs and have enjoyed the comments from readers about my work. Now you can write to me directly. I can’t answer each letter individually, but will respond to comments and answer questions in a more general way in a monthly blog.”

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Book Reviews


    “Extraordinary. A masterful and sophisticated duet. A multidimensional vision of the sisters’ lives.”

    “I promise: you will never forget this extraordinary story…Lori Lansens’ blend of tragedy and comedy will touch you deeply.”

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